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29 Responses to “Elfen Lied Episode 13”

  1. terrell says:

    this is by far the best anime i seen. great story and no dumb lead character that gets nose bleeds when everytime he see’s boobs. great action and art work. i dont know if you plan on making a sequel but if you do i cant wait to see it. not a dull episode great from beginning to end. hope to see more from you guys.

  2. sky says:

    aww i wish this anime kept going :c

  3. FUS RO DAH says:

    ended on a bit of a clifhanger didnt it

  4. :D says:

    wow i acally cried at the end!secend anime i ever cried in :O

    • Robert says:

      watch clannad trust me if you dont cry or feel like your going to cry your not human lol great anima i loved this one as well wish they had more then 13 though :(

      • Visterblade says:

        haha clannad was the first one that ever made me cry. then angel beats is next which is more of a tear jerker in my opinion. but anyway this anime was awesome and it had a satisfying ending

  5. Josh says:

    Its Nyuu!!

  6. nicki says:

    awwww no more eps? come on please bring out more there just has to be more. it was left on a cliff hanger. this is so unfair. who was the person standing at the gate? i have a hunch that it was lucy/nyu but id sure as hell would like to find out. please bring more out. :D

  7. jhon thapa says:

    best anime i have ever watch i wish there whouid be more episodes.

  8. topatopa says:

    I wish I could see who was behind the door, but I know who it is just wanted to make sure.

  9. gargan says:

    so far….. the best anime I’ve ever seen!!!

  10. Thaddaeus says:

    This is definitely the best anime I’ve ever seen. That’s not saying much, considering I’ve just gotten into it earlier this year. But this has connected to my heart more than just about any show or almost anything before. I wish they had more. I’ll be rewatching this, and trying to figure out answers to the many questions I still have.

  11. griffiin says:

    it cant end lick that there must be more Episodes cues it just cant end lick thst

  12. koyo says:

    do lucy dies

  13. elfen lied forever says:

    First of all who made this anime is a genious. Best story ever, accualy it made me sad in the end. And i cant get that intro song out of my head. So far best anime i have ever watched.Bleach,naruto,onepiece combined cant mach those 14 episodes. I wish there could be more episodes :(

  14. NO WAY :( says:

    why why did they have to end it like this :( this anime was amazing would’ve loved to watch another season

  15. Zee says:

    How come number 35 can’t use your vendors anymore? Is it because the other girl touched her?

  16. smiley says:

    i fell in love with this anime! just wished there were more episodes but since the director is still alive and has horns i think there is going to be another season

  17. sorin21 says:

    their is only 13 episodes and one ova. the manga go’s on past where the anime ends. lucy is not dead. Lucy is the one at the door.

  18. Philip Salyers says:

    It was a good show I love anime so much!

  19. Palajig says:

    I will to admit for crying the entire episode and i believe its Lucy/Nyuu behind the door. and i think every one cry’s because of there so different souls both share the love for each other.

  20. Jordan says:

    Are you serious, Thats how it ends? DA FUQ, Talk about cliffhanger.. -.- I’m guessing its Nyu. Well I’m hoping it was Nyu ,lol

  21. wow says:

    at the ending cota remembers lucy from when they were kids they feel deeply sorry about the things they had done and the girl at the end by the door is lucy or another experiment this was not a spoiler put if u didnt see it than ya sinsrely , MATTYALVAREZ07 : on xbl,gta 5

  22. Redco45 says:

    The Debate Is Whether Or Not The Person Behind The Door Is Lucy Or An Assassin.

  23. Alex Redfield says:

    I think they should make more episodes because Lucy/Nyu didnt die that girl that was at the gate was her I can feel it. All episodes were great! ^_^ I hope to see more like serously.

  24. Chill Chase says:

    To tell you the truth, I wasn’t very moved by this anime… The ending with the clifhanger was rather enticing but it wasn’t long enough for me to get close to many of the characters and the only ones that died were people i really didn’t care too much about. I think it’s a little overrated and like the manga better.If your looking for an amazing anime as good if not better than this you guys should definitely check out Full Metal Alchemist followed by its rewritten story Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Also check out Code Geass and Code Geass R2. Two amazing animes with great endings and amazing characters.

  25. Scottishanimewatcher says:

    Why was “the end” written in German?

  26. Bec says:

    Did they really just do that to me! I’m speechless. Great show, horrible end. I’m tired of all tue cliffhanging endings, but still!

  27. Bubblegumgirl says:

    I don’t get it why does everyone think this is the best anime. I am so confused. This anime doesn’t even make a lot of sense, it doesn’t explain anything.

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